"Members of the Brentwood Trinity Heights Community Action Group (BTHCAG) gather to strategize on preserving the community's values and heritage while combating nonstrategic rezoning activities."


This is the official website for the Brentwood Trinity Heights Community Action Group (BTHCAG). As Dallas continues to evolve and the BTHCAG thrives, this website serves as a hub to combine the neighborhoods association's wonderful work with overall community movements and improvements. 

As dedicated residents of District #4, we firmly believe that we should focus on enhancing our current neighborhood rather than rezoning it. Our community has a rich history and unique character that must be preserved. Instead of changing our zoning laws, we should invest in improving the infrastructure, public spaces, and amenities that make our neighborhood special. By maintaining and upgrading our homes and public areas, we can ensure a higher quality of life for all residents while preserving the essence of District #4. Rezoning at this time will only introduce a new set of structures with a new set of problems. Let's work together to improve our beloved community without compromising its integrity and charm.